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Athletes foot is caused by a fungus infection.  Fungus likes to grow where it is warm dark and moist.  The inside of your shoes and sneakers is a garden of eden for fungus.  Fungus is everywhere!  It is in the air we breath.  Sometimes it settles in our shoes and when the conditions are right it grows.  

Moldy bread is caused by a fungus.  Fungus (sometimes yeast which is very similar)  is a plant.  Under a microscope we would see roots growing into the skin.  These roots are irritating.  They cause itching and burning.  The plant needs water.  So the roots suck the water out of the skin.  That's why the skin looks dry and cracked.

These plants grow very nicely on toe nails.  When they do , they may look like bread mould.  You may see colors ranging from yellow and white to green, brown and black.  You may also notice an odor.

Mild cases can be treated at home by yourself.  Resistant cases should be treated by a podiatrist.  Some medical doctors have knowledge in this area.
If you think you have athletes foot fungus follow my helpful tips:

  • KEEP YOU FEET DRY.  Dry THOROUGHLY after shower.  Change your socks twice daily. use powder in your shoes.  Any powder will do, however avoid cornstarch.  Talc is best.
  • Apply over the counter preparations according to label instructions.  I like lotrimin AF, fungoid tincture and Dr. Scholls antifungal.
  • Soak your feet daily in a solution of betadine and water.  You can use povidine or isodyne, they're all the same but betadine is more expensive.  The solution should be warm and look like tea.  If it looks like coffee you used too much betadine.  The best time to soak is after a shower.  Betadine is like iodine.  It kills germs and drys the skin.
  • Treat your shoes.  If they smell throw them away.  There is fungus inside and you will never be able to kill it.  If there is no smell you still  must treat them.  Spray with lysol or add moth balls to the shoes and leave overnight in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Call a podiatrist...Preferably me at 1-800-HAPPY FOOT if you don't get improvement within 2 weeks.

 In the office I will take a sample of the fungus to determine the best prescription medicine to use.  There are new oral medicines which get rid of fungus toe nails.  They are safe and effective.  

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