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Why Orthotics?
Custom-made prescription orthotics are used to treat lower back pain, neck stiffness, toe cramping, leg fatigue, arch pain, heel pain, callouses, hip pain, corns, and much more.

As with any architectural structure, if the foundation is not stable then the structure above can suffer. Imbalances of the bones of the feet can result in abnormal foot motion that causes foot pain, injuries, and deformities. It also results in excessive internal rotation of the leg that can cause knee pain, hip pain, low back pain, shoulder and neck pain, and headaches.

What is an Orthotic?
An Orthotic is an in-the-shoe device made from plaster-of-Paris impression of the feet and is form fitted to the individual foot. Feet are like fingerprints. There are no two alike.

Orthotics come as a pair in order to balance the feet and body even if one side doesn't have symptoms. They are worn comfortably in most kinds of shoes. Their purpose is to prevent abnormal motion while allowing normal motion of the feet. Orthotics relieve the pain of bunions, corns, heel pain, callouses, arch pain, tired & aching feet, and protect the feet from developing many foot problems. An Orthotic is designed to control the mechanics of the foot to a precise degree: from the heel contact phase of walking/running through mid-stance and toe-off phases. Orthotics are to feet what eyeglasses are to eyes.

Aren't Orthotic devices just expensive arch supports?
Absolutely not! Arch supports are designed to push up against the arch while standing. It is for use in static stance and not for walking. Arch support will not control the biomechanics of foot function at all. Everyone's feet are quite different and because these differences are so varied, a precise prescription for each patient is required. Buying arch supports or erroneously described junk "orthotics" over-the-counter is similar to buying eyeglasses off the shelf. An exact understanding of the problem is required in order to obtain superb results. Many major medical plans cover some of the cost of prescription orthotics.

How are Orthotics Fabricated?
Dr. Meyerberg performs a gait analysis and x-rays to study the way your feet function. Joint range-of-motion studies are measured in order to determine the degree of foot imbalance present. Following measurements, the prescription is calculated. "Neutral position" plaster casts are then taken. Each foot impression is captured for the corrected position.
These molds are then sent to a specialized biomechanics laboratory for orthotic fabrication. Then technicians use our measurements and molds. After about 23 laborious steps, your new orthotics are created that will correctly reposition your feet, knees, hips, pelvis, and take pressure off your back.

Benefits of wearing Orthotics
Aside from avoiding surgery for many conditions and relieving foot pain, orthotics are non-invasive, they do not hurt,? are safe, and are very cost effective compared to the treatment alternatives.
You also get the benefit of postural correction and the relief of postural pain.
Postural pain is the pain that occurs in the knees, hips, lower back, between the shoulders, neck pain, and even posterior headaches. (in the absence of local pathology) .

Will my HMO cover Orthotics?
Orthotics are rarely an HMO benefit. When coverage does exist, it frequently is for non-prescription junk or ineffective arch supports.

What is the cost of orthotics?
The median cost is $395.00. That's less then having a tooth crowned. Two or more pairs are half price after the initial pair.


We guarantee our orthotics to fit comfortably or we will adjust them until they do even if they must be remade. Our custom prescription orthotics are the finest available anywhere.

Must I pay for my Orthotics all at once?
We normally ask for one half when Dr. Meyerberg performs his biomechanical evaluation and takes molds. Then, one half is due when your orthotics arrive.

We also offer several types of financial arrangements.

We want you to have the care you need without delay!

Delay causes complications such as increasing pain, deformity, injury, need for surgical intervention, and bad moods related to chronic pain. We are ready to help.

Call now for your free consultation!


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